Why Choose No Limits Skydiving

From the owner…


There is no bigger concern for any customer looking to go skydiving than safety. The United States Parachute Association, along with the Federal Aviation Administration, govern safety rules for skydiving. Everything from the parachutes, to the aircraft used by skydiving schools, are regulated by these entities.

No Limits Skydiving is a member of the United States Parachute Association, and strictly follows these rules. What is No Limits Skydiving safety record? It is 100%. We take thousands of people every year for their first Tandem Skydive, and our safety record is 100%.

That means we have never had an injury! There is nothing more important at any skydiving school, than safety.

No Limits Skydiving takes a lot of pride in our 100% safety record, and we hope to take you on your Skydiving Adventure soon.


No Limits Skydiving has dedicated our facilities to first time students and Tandem Skydivers. We specialize in First Time Skydives.

Most skydiving schools have a large amount of Licensed Skydivers that come to fun jump on weekends. These are regular skydivers who come to jump for fun at these locations. With so many Licensed Skydivers, Tandem Skydivers and their family can get lost in the crowd.

At No Limits Skydiving, all we do is Tandem Skydives. Our entire operation is for you, and your family, to have a great time on your adventure. We focus 100% of our energy on students and first time skydivers. Bring your family and friends to watch you jump. They can be right there when you land, taking pictures and sharing in your adventure.

Skydiving is such a thrill, choose No Limits Skydiving, where we make the whole school about you having a fun, safe, skydive.


All of our staff are United States Parachute Association certified instructors.

Owner: Matt Fitch

Many Skydiving Dropzones use Part-time instructors who will work just on weekends. No Limits Skydiving Instructors are FULL-TIME Skydiving Teachers. Being a Skydiving Instructor is their full-time job.

The staff at No Limits Skydiving are also hired to perform at many sporting events in the country. We skydive into 8 NASCAR Races a year, including the race at Richmond International Speedway. The next time you are in the stands at the race, look up, you can see the instructor you skydived with, bringing in the American Flag at the start of the race.

I have hired the best, most qualified skydivers to give you, the ultimate adventure. Licensed, professional, 100% safety record Tandem Instructors.

While serving in the military I had the pleasure of serving with people with a love of adventure. The people who come to skydive, and Skydiving Instructors, have that same type of spirit. It is one of my favorite items about working in the Skydiving Industry.

Make your first skydive with the staff of No Limits Skydiving. For many people making that first skydive is a life long dream. I want to give you a few reasons why I think you should choose No Limits Skydiving to fulfill that dream.


WE ARE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!!! Most people have crazy schedules and not everyone is off on weekends. We skydive when you want to skydive!. Pick the day and the time of your adventure, and we will be there to make it happen. You must make a reservation to reserve your spot so call us when you know the day and join us in the sky.

Skydiving is the most adrenaline packed sport there is. Nothing will excite you more then taking that first step off the plane. After the parachute is open and you take a deep breath, you’ll have a time to realize what you have just accomplished. You’ll have a few minutes to enjoy the view.


Our West Point facility is located close to many major cities, making it only a short distance to come enjoy your ultimite adventure. Richmond, Williamsburg, Washington DC and VA Beach are all within a easy drive.

Both of our locations have an amazing view, with our West Point Dropzone having a view of two rivers joining one. The Mattaponi and the Pamunkey River combine into the York River right beside the airport. Picture yourself in freefall above the York River and the scene you will enjoy under parachute.

The sunsets over the river are so beautiful, as you float down under parachute you will never feel more alive then after your first skydive at “No Limits Skydiving” in West Point.

At many drop zones, students can be made to feel like they are being put through an assembly line. At our school you will leave after the jump knowing you just made new friends. As the owner of the school I have over 6,000 jumps with a 100% safety record. I have enjoyed taking a variety of different people on their first skydive. From a person just turning 18, to a 79 year great grandfather last fall. I am personally involved in every jump to making sure you have a fun and safe experience.


Our Skydiving School is just for students so we have designed everything with you, your friends, and family in mind.

Our lounge area has air conditioner and heat, depending on the season so you will be completely comfortable. Our office is a very relaxed place where you can fill out your paperwork and be trained for your skydive. We have a big screen TV to watch the video of your adventure after the jump.

The main thing is we have tried to make a friendly, and comfortable place for you to prepare for your skydive. Come to No Limits Skydiving in West Point and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime as you live life to the fullest.


At No Limits Skydiving we realize people have 40 things going on. Not everybody is free on the weekends. That is why we are open 7 days a week. We are the only Dropzone in the Mid-Atlantic area that is open all week long. All you have to do is call 434-532-6570 and tell us what day you would like to skydive.


You are only going to have one FIRST SKYDIVE, capture every second of your jump by having it videoed. “No Limits Skydiving” is using NEW technology that records in HD your ENTIRE Skydive. Everything from getting dressed, the plane ride, freefall, and the parachute ride down.

Other schools video will stop once your parachute opens, not videoing any of your canopy ride down. Our video system is able to even video your parachute ride back down to earth. There is nothing better then seeing your smile as you float down with the sun on your face.

Our videos are 8 to 10 minutes while other schools videos are 4 minutes. Choose us and have your entire skydive videoed!!!! Not just the first half. There is so much to take in and see during your skydive, the video will help you relive your jump, and give you goose bumps all over again.

I hope I have given you some reasons why I think you should choose us to be a part of your first skydive. If you have any questions please call anytime at 434-532-6570. Either I, or Bobby will answer the phone.

Thank you and hope to talk to you soon.
– Matthew Wilson, Owner