Skydiving In The Winter

Can you skydiving in the winter? Yes! Of course, it can be cold. Especially, if you live in the northern states. Actually some of the colder states close the drop zone in the coldest months. Here in Virginia, we can jump all year. Although, we try to take our vacation in January so that we are rested and ready to jump the rest of the year.

How To Skydive In The Winter

There’s a few things you need to know if you’re going to jump in the colder weather of the winter. review the information below before you decide if you want to jump in the cold months.

  • With a little preparation, it’s safe to skydive in the winter.
  • Dress warmly including a long-sleeve shirt plus a sweatshirt or fleece jacket. Be sure to wear thick socks and long pants or jeans. Some people wear Under Armour to keep themselves warm.
  • The temperature at jump altitude can be 30 degrees colder or more. Be prepared.
  • Some people wear up to three pairs of gloves. 1) a thin ski liner 2) a latex glove 3) a thin leather glove. It’s important to keep your hands flexible. Avoid bulky gloves that restrict the movement of your fingers.
  • The weather in the winter can be less predictable. Have a little extra patience if the weather isn’t as it was forecast.
  • If you want to jump when the drop zone is less busy, winter is a great time to skydive. Often the regular jumpers are taking a break so the the pace is more relaxed.
  • What about the gear? The gear won’t freeze. There isn’t any liquids that or other parts that are especially susceptible to freezing. But, if you are jumping in Antarctica, call the equipment manufacturer first.

If you want to make a skydive in the winter, go for it. If you are in Virginia or North Carolina, we’d love to help make your skydiving dreams a reality. We have two location to choose from. One is in Victoria, VA which is convenient for people who live in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Petersburg, and most of southern VA. Our West Point location is great for Washington D.C, Fredricksburg, Richmond, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach and the rest of East and South East Virginia.