Skydiving Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is made up of many cities including Alexandra, Arlington, Springfield, fairfax and Annandale. While there are a lot of cities, none of them have a place to go skydiving. Fortunately, No Limits Skydiving: West Point is an easy drive to making your skydiving dream a reality.

We have everything you need and love to jump with first-time skydivers. Each of our staff members are certified by the USPA, the organization that oversees safety and training for the sport.

If you’re familiar with the area, simply take I-95S to I-64E to VA-33E/Exit 220. For more detailed instructions see below.

The drop zone is located at:

1001 Airport Rd, West Point, VA

Directions From Northern Virginia (NOVA)

  • I-95 South ramp to Richmond VA
  • Take exit 84A on the left to merge onto I-295 S toward Rocky Mt NC/Richmond VA
  • Take exit 28A to merge onto I-64 E toward Norfolk/VA Beach
  • Take exit 220 to merge onto VA-33 E/Eltham Rd toward West Point
  • Continue to follow VA-33 E
  • As you leave West Point, Airport Road is on the right. Our registration office is across the street from Airport Road.

No Limits Skydiving: West Point is easy drive from Northern Virginia (NOVA). Grab a few friend to jump with you.

Alexandria was once an important port city that help shape early America. Civil War history with road, schools, and parks being named after confederate generals and statesmen. Including Lee Highway, Jefferson Davis Highway, and J.E.B. Stuart High School.