Skydiving In Virginia Beach

DCIM100GOPROVA Beach is one of Virginia’s busiest tourist destinations. Every year attracting people from all over the country to enjoy miles of pristine beaches and great family fun. Virginia Beach has a 3 mile boardwalk that is packed with hotels, great restaurants, and every imaginable entertainment possible. Even “Ripleys believe it or not” has a store on the VA Beach Boardwalk. There are so many things to do in Virginia Beach it is hard to list them all. Here is a short list of some of the major attractions located at VA Beach.

1. Virginia Beach Amusement Park. Every type of game imaginable.

2. Nightmare House on Atlantic Ave. Here its Halloween all year long.

3. American Indoor Karting. Go Carting at its best at the beach.

4. Ocean Breeze Waterpark. When not in the ocean, this is another way to enjoy the water.

5. Va Beach Parasailing and Jet Skiing. A great way to have an adventure at the beach.

The official beach season starts on Memorial Day Weekend, this is when the beaches are at peak attendance. The season last until Labor Day and the start of schools in Virginia. Most family’s vacation for a week at VA Beach. After a few days of enjoying the ocean you want to try something a little different, a little more adventurous. How about giving tandem Skydiving a try. This is the best way to enjoy the greatest view of the Chesapeake Bay, and miles and miles of water. No Limits Skydiving is only a hour away from Virginia Beach. We are the closest Tandem Skydiving School to Va Beach, and we are a easy drive right down interstate 64 to our location. We are the only skydiving school that is open 7 days a week. We know your on vacation and we are ready to skydive when you are. Call us at 434-532-6570 and make your reservation. Let us know the day and time you want to arrive, and we are ready to take you on an adventure. You don’t even have to change out of your bathing suit to make your skydive. Wondering what to wear skydiving? We are going to put you in a jumpsuit, so wear anything you would like. Just bring some tennis shoes and we will provide the rest.

Want a great view of the water, then come make a tandem skydive with us. You will see the Chesapeake Bay which is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. It makes an amazing view for your Tandem Skydive. Spend a few days at the beach, swimming and enjoying the boardwalk. After a few days and your looking for something new to do give us a call. You let us know what day and time you want to arrive for your skydive. Once you arrive you will go thru a short training session lasting around 15 minutes. Your training consist of us showing you what is going to happen on your Tandem Skydive. Your only job is to keep your eyes open and relax..yes relax. You will be attached to a Certified Tandem Instructor. The company owner is ex-military and “No Limits Skydiving” has a 100% safety record.

After we show you what is going to happen during your jump we will put you in a jumpsuit, harness, helmet, and goggles. We will then meet the airplane and have a 20 minute ride to jump altitude. Enjoy the view on the ride up. You can the Yorktown River, the Chesapeake Bay and miles of water. Once attached to your instructor, you will exit the aircraft and free fall for approximately one minute. At 5,000 feet your instructor will deploy the parachute for a 5 minutes of floating under parachute. Your instructor will guide both of you down to a landing right back at the airport. make sure you bring your family and friends to join you for your skydive or come and watch. They can be right there and watch you land. After your tandem Skydive we will have your video completed in about 15 minutes. This way when you are back home after vacation you can enjoy watching your skydive over and over.

Now that you made your first tandem skydive head back to the beach, you will be back in time to eat at a number of the best seafood restaurants Va Beach has to offer. Call us today at 434-532-6570 to make your reservation to skydive in Virginia Beach.